Eric Birling

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A mind map exploring the character of Eric Birling from the play An Inspector Calls, by JB Priestly.

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Eric Birling
  1. Not quite able to fit in with the adults
    1. Uncomfortable
      1. "Half shy, half assertive."
      2. Very opinionated
        1. "I hate these fat old tarts."
          1. No regard for women
            1. Doesn't have any respect for them
        2. Honest
          1. "I don't give a damn right now."
            1. Heavily affected by the Inspector
              1. Examination of conscience
                1. Will change his ways
                  1. Shows remorse
              2. "I say the girl's dead and we all helped to kill her."
                1. Perceptive
                  1. Takes responsibility
                2. "you were saying Dad, a man has to look after himself."
                  1. Context - captialism
                    1. Doesn't get on with his father
                      1. "You're not the kind of father a chap could go to when he's trouble."
                  2. Under the facade
                    1. Heavy drinker
                      1. "You're squiffy."
                      2. Physically and emotionally violent
                        1. "I threatened to make a row."
                        2. Thief
                          1. "There were some accounts to collect, and I asked for cash."
                        3. Treatment of women
                          1. Lower class
                            1. Uses them for his own pleasure
                              1. Doesn't treat them properly
                                1. Objectifies them
                                2. "I wasn't in love with her or anything."
                                  1. Doesn't consider their feelings
                                3. Upper class
                                  1. Respects his mother and sister
                                    1. "Well I'm old enough to be married."
                                      1. Context - wife will be financial responsibility
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