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GCSE physics Mind Map on Energy, created by joseph plested on 05/12/2015.

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  1. energy is never lost only transferd
    1. types
      1. heat/ thermal
        1. light
          1. electrical
            1. sound
              1. kinetic/ movement
                1. chemical enrgy
                  1. nuclear energy
                    1. gravitationl potential energy
                      1. eleastic potential energy
                      2. thermal
                        1. conduction
                          1. movement of heat through a abject without the object moving
                            1. metal is a good conducter but wood is bad
                            2. convection
                              1. basically heat rising then dropping creating swirls of heat
                                1. happens in kettles to make hot water
                                  1. radiators use it to heat a room
                                2. energy resorces
                                  1. renewable
                                    1. wind turbine
                                      1. kinetic- eletrical
                                      2. water turbine
                                        1. kinetic- eletrical
                                        2. wave power
                                          1. solar pannels
                                            1. dam power
                                              1. geothermal
                                              2. non renewable
                                                1. coal
                                                  1. oil
                                                    1. fossil fuels
                                                  2. kinetic theory
                                                    1. solid to liqued = melting
                                                      1. liquid to gas = evaportaion or boiling
                                                        1. particals in a liquid have a randome motion within a close packed irregular structure
                                                          1. particals in a solid vibrate about a fixed point within a close packed regular structure
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