Gerald Croft

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Mind map about the character of Gerald Croft from the play An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly.

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Gerald Croft
  1. Appearance/Personality
    1. "An attractive chap about thirty."
      1. Not as old as Sheila's parents, but not young
        1. Sides with the adults on most things
        2. Titles/Family name important
          1. "This is Gerald Croft - son of George Croft."
            1. Respect
              1. Indicator of wealth and status
              2. Tries to suck up to Mr Birling
                1. "I believe you're right sir."
                  1. Sycophantic
                  2. "You couldn't have done anything else."
                  3. "I insist on being one of the family now."
                    1. Insist - tried before and failed
                  4. Treatment of women
                    1. Daisy Renton
                      1. Didn't expect anything in return
                        1. Genuinely cared?
                        2. "I felt sorry for her."
                          1. Emotionally abused her
                          2. Sheila
                            1. Lied to her and cheated
                              1. Upper class
                                1. Protection
                                  1. "Miss Birling ought to be excused from further questioning."
                                    1. Caring or selfish?
                                  2. Quick to work through conflict
                                    1. "I'm sorry Sheila."
                                      1. Apologetic
                                2. Class
                                  1. Thinks his status puts him above everyone else
                                    1. "After all, we're respectable citizens, not criminals."
                                      1. Snob
                                      2. "I don't come into this suicide business."
                                        1. Regards suicide as below him
                                          1. Not concerned about it - it doesn't affect him
                                          2. No respect for the working class
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