Eva Smith

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A mind map about the character of Eva Smith from the play An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly.

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Eva Smith
1 Context
1.1 Workers' strike
1.1.1 "She'd had a lot to say - far too much - so she had to go." Stands up for what she believes in
1.2 Votes for women
1.2.1 Taking her life - a sacrifice to her cause? "A young woman died in the infirmary." "There are still millions and millions of Eva Smiths."
1.3 Treatment of women
1.3.1 Daisy Renton "But after that she stopped being Eva Smith. Perhaps she'd had enough of it."
1.3.2 Class The first to get sacked Hard to find work
2 Background
2.1 "She was a lively, good looking girl - country bred."
2.1.1 Came from out of town - no friends "She was here alone, friendless, almost penniless, desperate."
2.2 "Both her parents were dead."
2.2.1 No family to support her
3 Mr Birling
3.1 Arrogant
3.2 Greedy
3.3 Didn't accept responsibility
3.4 Cares little about his employees
3.4.1 Eva was "Cheap labour."
4 Mrs Birling
4.1 Snob
4.1.1 "As if a girl of that sort..."
4.2 Prejudiced
4.3 Takes no responsibility
4.3.1 "She only had herself to blame."
4.4 Refused to give her help
4.4.1 "You've had children. You must've known how she was feeling."
5 Eric Birling
5.1 Saw her as an object he could use when he liked
5.1.1 "I wasn't in love with her or anything." "She was pretty and a good sport."
5.2 Takes responsibility
5.2.1 Shows remorse
6 Sheila Birling
6.1 Got her fired from her second job after a jealous tantrum
6.1.1 "She felt she was making a good fresh start."
7 Gerald Croft
7.1 Emotionally abused her
7.1.1 Left her when he felt like it "She felt there'd never be anything as good again for her."
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