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1 Latin word meaning ‘to be called to stand beside’
2 the pursuit of influencing outcomes – including public policy & resource allocation decisions within political, economic, & social systems & institutions – that directly affect people’s lives”
3 Advocacy can be planned in a logical manner but in many cases it is a reaction to an event or issue.
3.1 Advocacy involves actions that lead to a selected goal.
3.1.1 one of many possible strategies, or ways to approach a problem.
3.1.2 may involve working against established values, structures & customs, & therefore may need to be independent of service providers and authorities
3.1.3 not a direct service
3.1.4 does not necessarily involve confrontation or conflict.
3.1.5 has no prescribed or clearly determined method
4 Advocacy - NOW a recognized strategy for health promotion.
4.1 Media advocacy
4.1.1 Use of news media to publicize a social or public health issue & to advocate policy or environmental solutions
4.1.2 strategic use of mass media for advancing a social or public policy initiative
4.1.3 aims to “develop & shape news stories in ways that build support for public policies and ultimately influence those who have the power to change or preserve laws, enact policies, and fund interventions that can influence whole populations.
4.1.4 Role to successfully frame the public health issue so it gains support of the public & politicians - & to communicate problems which require solutions that politicians are usually responsible for finding.
4.1.5 Media advocacy involves public health professionals carefully planning and telling their ‘story’ so that it is reported in the mass media in a way that can influence the changes in society that they desire.
5 Some advocacy is more behind-the- scenes
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