Sybil Birling

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A mind map about Sybil Birling from the play An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly.

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Sybil Birling
  1. Prejudiced
    1. "Girls of that class-"
      1. Snob
        1. "She was giving herself ridiculous airs."
          1. "We've just about come to an end of this wretched business."
          2. "Helping deserving cases."
          3. Social superior
            1. "My husband was Lord Mayor only two years ago."
              1. Above everyone else
                1. Context
                  1. "Then you really would be dong your duty."
                2. Stubborn
                  1. "No. Why should I?"
                    1. High class woman - used to getting her way
                      1. Context
                    2. Defies the Inspector
                      1. Doesn't want to give him the satisfaction
                        1. Doesn't want to appear intimidated by him
                      2. Doesn't take responsibility
                        1. Shows no remorse/guilt
                          1. "She only had herself to blame."
                            1. "I did nothing I'm ashamed of."
                              1. Older generation set in their ways
                          2. Under the facade
                            1. Appears full of herself
                              1. No concern for the lower classes
                              2. Cracks
                                1. "No- Eric- please- I didn't know- I didn't understand."
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