AQA: Britain and Appeasement 1919-1940 (4)

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AQA: Britain and Appeasement 1919-1940 (4)

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AQA: Britain and Appeasement 1919-1940 (4)
  1. Chamberlain
      1. Resignation
        1. 1940
        2. Occupation of Czechoslovakia
          1. Chamberlain gave a military guarantee to Poland
            1. 1939
              1. No reason to
                1. None were German
                  1. Czechs did not want Germany to invade
                  2. Pact of Steel
                    1. Italy and Germany
                      1. Mussolini and Hitler thought Britain wouldn't stand up to Hitler
                  3. Sudetenland/Munich Crisis
                    1. Chamberlain met with Hitler at Berchtesgaden
                      1. Didn't consult Cz, promised to give Hitler areas where 50% spoke German
                        1. Convinced France and finally Cz
                      2. Met back with Hitler at Bad Godesburg
                        1. Hitler demanded all of the Sudetenland
                          1. Almost a war
                            1. Mussolini suggested Munich Agreement
                        2. 1938
                          1. Munich Agreement
                            1. France and Britain agree to give Hitler Sudetenland
                              1. Chamberlain gets Hitler to sign paper saying he will not go to war with Britain
                                1. "Peace in our time"
                            2. Alternatives to appeasement
                              1. Duff Cooper
                                1. Openly advocated war
                                  1. Thought it was the only way to stop the fascist dictators
                                2. Churchill
                                  1. Grand Alliance
                                    1. USSR
                                      1. Communist
                                        1. Too involved with their own revolution
                                          1. Didn't trust them
                                          2. USA
                                            1. Isolationist
                                        2. Labour Party
                                          1. Use LoN to keep the peace
                                            1. Stop aggressive powers using sanctions
                                          2. Occupation of Poland
                                                1. Anschluss
                                                  1. 1938
                                                    1. Wanted all German speaking countries to be united
                                                      1. Shared borders with Cz
                                                        1. Schuschnigg visited Hitler at his summer retreat at Berchtesgaden
                                                          1. Hitler made Austrian Nazi Seyss-Inquart member of gov
                                                            1. Called for him to cause trouble in Austria to justify German invasion
                                                              1. Schuschnigg announced referendum but canceled it and resigned after Hitler demanded it stopped
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