Arthur Birling

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A mind map about the character Arthur Birling from the play An Inspector Calls, by J.B Priestly.

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Arthur Birling
  1. Selfish
    1. Spoils the engagement by talking about his interests
      1. "Crofts and Birling's are no longer competing but are working together."
      2. "I speak as a hard headed business man."
        1. Practical
          1. Used to making big decisions without any influence
        2. Under the facade
          1. Inspector reveals him to be greedy
            1. Cares little about his employees
              1. "Cheap labour. Ask your father."
            2. Gloats
              1. "I might find my way into the next honours list."
                1. Flashes around his status and wealth
              2. Dramatic Irony
                1. J.B Priestly uses this a lot with Mr Birling
                  1. Is adamant that things will not happen even though they will
                    1. Audience distrusts his opinions and views
                  2. "The interests of capital - are properly protected."
                    1. "You'll hear some people say that war's inevitable. And to that I say fiddlesticks."
                  3. Context
                    1. Capitalism
                      1. "A man has to mind his own business."
                        1. "Probably a socialist or some crank."
                          1. Dislikes socialists
                            1. "You'd think everybody has to look after everybody else."
                          2. Upper/Lower Class divide
                          3. Responsibility
                            1. Doesn't feel guilty
                              1. Isn't sorry for what he did
                              2. "She had a lot to say - far too much - so she had to go."
                                1. "There's every excuse for what your mother and I did."
                                  1. More concerned about a public scandal than what happened to Eva
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