The Islamic Articles of Faith

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The Islamic Articles of Faith
1 Belief in Allah
1.1 Muslims believe in one God, called Allah
1.1.1 They are monotheists
1.1.2 They live their lives according to God's will "Islam" means "submission to God"
2 Belief in the Qur'an
2.1 Islam's sacred text
2.2 Words of the Qur'an came directly from Allah
2.2.1 Each word is sacred
2.2.2 They were passed on to Muhammad
2.2.3 Spoken in original Arabic
2.3 Respect for the Qur'an
2.3.1 Kept on highest shelf
2.3.2 Washing before touching it
2.3.3 Placing it on a stand to read so that it doesn't touch the floor
2.3.4 Wrapping it in a clean cloth
2.3.5 Kissing it after reading it
2.3.6 Not turning your back to it
3 Belief in Angels
3.1 Angel Gabriel revealed the Word of God to Muhammad
4 Belief in Prophets
4.1 Prophet Muhammad is believed the greatest and final prophet
4.2 Muslims believe Adam, Moses, Abraham, David and Jesus were prophets
4.2.1 Jesus was a particularly important prophet, but is not the Son of God
4.2.2 Hebrew Scriptures and Bible are respected Jews and Christians are called People of the Book
5 Belief in Judgement Day and life after death
5.1 Judgement Day: people are rewarded or punished by Allah depending on how they lived their lives
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