Ontological Argument

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AS Philosophy of Religion and Ethics: The Ontological Argumetn

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Ontological Argument
1 Anselm's
1.1 The man himself:
1.1.1 Archbishop of Canterbury- therefore Theist From a religious perspective
1.1.2 1033-1109
1.2 Starting point
1.2.1 1) Proposed def. of GOD (quote) 'God is the thought than which nothing greater can be thought
1.2.2 2) Absurd to suggest God does not exist Even fool of Psalm 14 must see Was a non-believer Even suggestion GOD does not exist requires concept of God Painter: Has idea of painting for it is painted Once painted it exists in his thoughts + reality
1.3 Gaunilo's objection
1.3.1 Would it arg also prove anything 'perfect' exists? 'the most perfect island' As it is 'the most perfect' it must exist If it didn't exist, even the most horrible island in existing would be better
1.4 Anslem's response
1.4.1 He wasn't arguing about contingent things (like islands) which are rooted in time and space He was talking about GOD quote: (Proslogion) the greatest thing that can be thought
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