Growing Plants indoor

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Growing Plants indoor

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Growing Plants indoor
  1. Literacy
    1. Writing name initial in cress seeds
      1. Magnetic letters
        1. Cress diaries
          1. Plant sequencing activity
            1. Books about plants
              1. Jack and the beanstalk role play
              2. Mathematics
                1. Counting leaves / petals
                2. Understanding the world
                  1. Funny face photos using the camera
                    1. Investigation area growing light / dark
                      1. Celery in coloured water
                      2. Freeze flowers / leaves in ice cubes
                      3. EAD
                        1. Stamp trees / flowers
                          1. Natural object picture
                            1. Flower pressing - photo frame for Father's day?
                            2. Easel inside with different media
                              1. Play dough with straws / pipe cleaners
                                1. Observational drawing
                                  1. Vegetable printing
                                    1. Jack and the beanstalk role play
                                    2. Physical development
                                      1. Cutting grass with scissors
                                        1. Threading around leaves with laces
                                        2. PSED
                                          1. Caring for plants and people
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