Cloning (Mind Map)

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Cloning (Mind Map)
  1. Plant
    1. Cuttings
      1. Quick
        1. Cheap
          1. Cuttings are taken from the parent plant and then planted creating genetically identical copies of the parent plant.
          2. Tissue Culture
            1. Very Quick
              1. Needs little Space
                1. Can be Grown All-Year
                  1. A few plant cells are planted in a growth medium with hormones.
                    1. The clones produced are entirely new plants that are genetically identical to their parent plant.
                2. Animal
                  1. Embryo Transplants
                    1. Sex cells are taken from a male and a female. The sperm is used to artificially fertilise an egg cell. The embryo splits to form clones before becoming specialised.
                      1. The cloned embryos then can be implanted in many females to produce calves genetically identical to one another.
                    2. Adult Cell Cloning
                      1. An egg cell is taken and its genetic material is removed and a complete set of chromosomes from an adult cell is inserted.
                        1. The egg cell is then stimulated with a electric shock to make it divide into an embryo. Once it's become a ball of cells, it's implanted into an adult female to grow into an identical copy of the adult cell.
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