GnRH Mechanism

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GnRH Mechanism experiment

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GnRH Mechanism
  1. Desensitization
    1. Slow Rise rate looks like continous stimulation
    2. Effect on FSH release
      1. Stimulatary patterns did not change the release of LH/FSH
        1. Due to desensitization to GnRH pulses
        2. Ratio of FSH:GnRH due to
          1. Differential Clearance
            1. Ovarian Feedback
              1. Differential Synthesis in intact tissue
                1. Other hormones that cause FSH secretion
              2. Steroid Feedback Mechanism
                1. Castrated
                  1. Males
                    1. Effects Testosterone that decreases frequency and amplitude
                    2. Females
                      1. Increases GnRH receptors but blocked if estrogen or other steroids are given
                  2. Stimulatory Signals
                    1. Pulse Amplitude
                      1. Interval
                        1. Duration
                          1. Rise Rate
                          2. Graph Shows
                            1. For effective reponse
                              1. Pulse
                                1. Wide Spread
                                  1. Short
                                2. A large about of LH released when GnRH added
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