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1 reproduction
1.1 male reproductive organs
1.1.1 testes sperm tail for swimming head holds enzymes which burrow through the egg
1.1.2 urethra
1.1.3 sperm ducts
1.1.4 penis
1.2 female reproductive organs
1.2.1 vagina
1.2.2 ovary eggs/ovum massive food reseves egg is like enlarged cell
1.2.3 uterus uterine lining menstrual cycle periods 28 day cycle
1.2.4 cervix
1.3 contraception
1.3.1 condoms
1.3.2 combined pill/mini pill
1.3.3 I.U.D
1.3.4 diaphragm and spermicide
1.3.5 sterilization
1.3.6 safe period
1.4 birth
1.4.1 9 months stagees of pregnancy foetus embryo fertilzed egg
1.4.2 ambilical cord
1.4.3 contractions
1.4.4 placenta
1.5 puberty
1.5.1 girls pubic hair breasts grow hips widen periods start (menstrual cycle) thisghs get fatter
1.5.2 boys pubic hair penis grows facial hair testes produce sperm
1.6 fertilization
1.6.1 egga and sperm meet
1.6.2 sperm carrys half nucleus
1.6.3 egg carrys half nucleus
1.6.4 egga and sperm sex cells
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