Chemical Reactions

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Chemical Reactions
  1. Evidence
    1. New substances are made
      1. Fizzing (effervescent)
        1. Colour change
          1. From a transparent liquid to a white liquid
          2. State change
            1. Solid to liquid
            2. Temperature change
              1. Can be from hot to cold or vice versa
            3. Reacting with acids
              1. Metals
                1. Often produce bubbles of hydrogen
                  1. Put a lighted splint in a test tube of Hydrogen
                    1. Squeeky Pop!
                2. Carbonates
                  1. Carbon Dioxide always produced when reacted with an acid
                    1. Turns Limewater cloudy
                      1. Put a glowing splint in a test tube of CO2
                        1. Goes Out
                      2. Baking Powder creates bubbles of Co2 in cakes
                        1. This makes them rise
                          1. Only reacts when wet
                          2. Washing Soda, Baking Powder, and many rocks all contain carbonates
                            1. Fizzes in acids
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