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Curriculum Design

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  1. Traditional Curriculm
    1. Kliebard calls it as a government curriculum. (Administrative convention)
    2. Exponents
      1. Newlon
        1. Teachers should work in the curriculum design .
        2. Ellwood Cubberly
          1. School = Factory
          2. Franklin Bobbit
            1. The goals of the curriculum must to be predicted as clear as possible.
              1. Replace the culture for the practical knowledge.
              2. Hilda Taba
                1. Every culture has to develop its own curriculum with a present and future vision.
                2. John Dewey
                  1. Psychological aspects: Observe analyze ,develop, conclusion.
                    1. Logical aspects: What is It all about.
                  2. Challenges
                    1. International contributions.
                      1. Establishing more and better media and diffusion.
                      2. Tasks
                        1. Complementarity from other studies.
                        2. Progressive Educators Movement: Education needs to fit child’s needs (1920)
                          1. Two types of curriculum were offered: Academic and Workers’ children.
                          2. Curriculum in the USA
                            1. Historical context: General, particular and specific levels.
                            2. Actual program of public education (Formulated on 19th century)
                              1. Culture defenders
                                1. Motivation for the interest on educational experiences.
                                2. Utilitarians
                                  1. Practical action in a practical world.
                                3. Progressist
                                  1. The study of children´s interests, problems and purposes.
                                  2. Essentialists
                                    1. “Cultural heritage”
                                    2. Globalization
                                      1. Radicals: Palpable consequences
                                        1. Skeptics: Any effect in the current global economy.
                                        2. Types
                                          1. Great general topics.
                                            1. Social processes and vital functions.
                                              1. Active or experimental.
                                                1. Integral.
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