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Is good for a level year 9 geography exam

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Geography 2015
1 Austalia's Physical Features
1.1 Flora and fona
1.2 Climate
1.3 Mt Kosiusko is the highest
1.4 Landforms
1.5 Great barrier Reef
2 Natural Hazards
2.1 Difference between natural disasters and natural hazards
2.1.1 Natural disaster has occured and is the result of a hazard
2.1.2 Natural Hazard is a potential source of harm to a community
2.2 The six types of hazards
2.2.1 Atmospheric Cyclone Hail or electrical storm Blizards Bushfires
2.2.2 Hydrogical Floods Tsunami Wave action Glaciers
2.2.3 Geological Earthquakes Volcano
2.2.4 Biological Disease epidemics
2.2.5 Technological Accidents Epidemics
2.2.6 Human War Crowd stampede Torrorism
2.3 Different types of disasters
2.3.1 Drought A drought is a period of time with below average rainfall Imacts Economic: effects farmers through loss of production and this effects rural towns and large citys Enviroment: Loss of top soil Can lead to bushfires Social: loss of jobs and income because of business failing
2.3.2 El Nino Is when australia resives a drought and South americal gets flooding Is caused by the change of air pressure What causes the currents to change The first image shows the normal currents ans the second picture displays the el nino currents
2.3.3 Bushfires Bushfires are most common in south-east australia This is due the there being more fuel which helps sustain the fire. There is more fuel in that area because the soil is less arid
2.3.4 Severe Thunder storms Can bring the following features Strong winds of 90km Hailstorms Tornatos Very heavy rain or flash flooding
2.3.5 Tropical Cyclones Is a particular type of low pressure systems Are areas of warm moist air at rising rapidly Can feature Very strong winds Torrential rain Rough seas Storm surge Flooding
2.3.6 Floods Is below average rainfall for that area
3 What makes Australia unique?
3.1 Fona and flora
3.1.1 Australias fana and flora is very unique as australia has been isolated for millions of year. More than 80% of Australias flora and fona is found nowhere else on the earth Australias natural animals have adapted to our harch climets for example the kangaroo can smell water almost a mile away
3.2 Size
3.3 Flana
3.3.1 Australia has 2 types that are different to other mammals marsupial is where the mammal keeps and feed the young in the pouch for a fuw months after birth Monotreme Is a mammal that lays eggs there only spiecies is platypus and echidna
4 Austalias Geographical location
4.1 Latitude (flat) and logatude Between
4.1.1 10 south
4.1.2 44 south
4.1.3 112 east
4.1.4 154 east
4.2 Closest countrys
4.2.1 Indonesia
4.2.2 New Guinea
4.2.3 New Zealand
4.3 Hemisphere
4.3.1 Southern
4.3.2 Eastern
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