Blood brothers character profiles

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Blood brothers character profiles
  1. Mickey
    1. "It used to be sweets and ciggies he gave me... now its a job and a house"
      1. Mickey has a feeling of helplessness and weakness compared to Edward
      2. "Do you want to be my blood brother?"
        1. Shows a very suddern affection towards his twin
        2. "If I was like him"
          1. Lack of self confidence and does not recognise Eddie as a twin 'him'
          2. "He must be workin' over time... I go away to university tomorrow"
            1. Shows a difference in education 'workin'
            2. "He's old before his time"
              1. The stress of poverty means that he has grown to mentally and he can no longer enjoy life
              2. "That's why I take them. So I can be invisible"
                1. Mickey has become dependant on the drugs so that he can forget about the problems society is facing at the time with the lack of employment
                2. "I stopped takin' the pills"
                  1. Tells us that Mickey is strong for his family and has accepted he has a problem
                3. Edward
                  1. "Don't you know what a dictionary is?
                    1. Dominates Mickey intellectually since the start of the play
                    2. "Bright and forthcoming"
                      1. Filled with obvious potential from the start of the book
                      2. "She's fabulous isn't she, your ma"
                        1. Thinks very much of Mrs Johnstone ever since the start of the play
                        2. "It used to be sweets and ciggies... now its a house and a job"
                          1. Generous and can afford to be
                          2. "Take as many as you want"
                            1. Nievity and generosity Eddie had as a child
                            2. "Grabs Linda's mate and begins to waltz"
                              1. Shows the confidence Eddie had in adolescense
                            3. Mrs Johnstone
                              1. "He told me I was sexier then Marilyn Monroe"
                                1. This is a motif which occurs through-out whole book. This also fore shadows the tragic end of the book. This is because, Marilyn Monroe has a tragic end to her life
                                2. "By the time I was 25, I looked like 42"
                                  1. She looks like this through all of the stress she has through all of her children and how she is a single parent.
                                  2. "Hear of a mother so cruel"
                                    1. We hear this at the start of the book and it gives us an initial view/ opinion on Mrs Johnstone
                                    2. "No point clutching your rosary"
                                      1. From this we find out Mrs Johnstone is a christian
                                      2. "Nothing's yours on easy terms"
                                        1. From this we find out that despite Mrs Johnstone having life easy, she still feels that nothing is hers
                                        2. "She takes him. Cradles him and lets him cry
                                          1. Show the maternal nature Mrs Johnstone has towards Edward
                                          2. "Living on the never never."
                                            1. Mrs Johnstone is living in a circumstance which means that she will never be able to advance in status and her life is controlled by welfare and the money she is given
                                            2. "Couldn't I keep him for a few more days. Please. Please?"
                                              1. This tells us that Mrs Johnstones maternal feeling make her not want to give Edward away. This shows the inital bond between her and Edward
                                            3. Linda
                                              1. "She starts drying his tears"
                                                1. This tells us that from the beginning of the play, Linda is very caring and parent like towards Mickey
                                                2. "I got him a job"
                                                  1. Shows us how Linda is still protective and caring towards Mickey
                                                  2. "Linda is weighed down with shopping bags and is weary"
                                                    1. This shows how the stress has got to Linda. The bags symbolise the problems that she is forced to bear on her shoulders. We also find out that Linda is tired from all the stress she has.
                                                    2. "Linda takes a gun and fires"
                                                      1. This helps foreshadow the ending of the play. This is because, you can argue that Linda is the reason for the shotting and the gun they are shotting helps enforce this idea
                                                      2. "Linda misses all three shots"
                                                        1. We can interpret this that as Linda enters Adulthood, she experiences a loss of power.
                                                        2. "Oh he's gorgeous, isn't he?"
                                                          1. Enjoys mocking Mickey about her true feelings.
                                                          2. "Take no notice Mickey, I love you"
                                                            1. Shows how open Linda is about her feelings towards Mickey
                                                          3. Mrs Lyons
                                                            1. "I reach out. But as I do. He fades away"
                                                              1. This tells us about the despiration that Mrs Lyons has to have a child
                                                              2. "You'll be locked up. You sold your baby"
                                                                1. Mrs Lyons blackmails Mrs Johnstone
                                                                2. "You won't tell anyone about this Mrs Johnstone. Because if you do, you will kill them both"
                                                                  1. Mrs Lyons invents the superstition which eventually leads to how the book ends
                                                                  2. "Mrs Lyons hit Edward hard and instinctively"
                                                                    1. This shows how cruel and how Mrs Lyons doesn't have the materal feeling for Eddie. As well as that, it foreshadows how Mrs Lyons becomes mad because of the deal
                                                                    2. "Everyone has there secrets, don't you have secrets"
                                                                      1. This is ironic because, Mrs Lyons has the biggest secret out of both the characters.
                                                                      2. "Mrs Lyons has opened the knife draw and has a lethal looking kitchen knife in her hand"
                                                                        1. This show how mad Mrs Lyons has become because of the secret and how it has engulfed her decision making ability
                                                                        2. "High upon the hill there's a women gone mad"
                                                                          1. Tells us that the superstition and secret have made her mad. This is ironic because, Mrs Johnstone has not become mad and she was the worst affected.
                                                                          2. "She turns mickey around and points out Edward and Linda out to him"
                                                                            1. This makes the reader think whether or not Mrs Lyons is responsible for the death of the twins
                                                                          3. Narrator
                                                                            1. "DId you ever hear about the Johnstone twins"
                                                                              1. Tells us about the end of the book. This quote is repeated in the end of the book which shows the cyclical structure
                                                                              2. "Actually I've given up the milk round and gone into medicine"
                                                                                1. This shows us how the narrator is constantly present throughout the whole book
                                                                                2. "There's a pact been sealed, there's a deal been born"
                                                                                  1. This tells us that the idea of giving away the baby has been made official by the swearing of the bible. As well as that, 'the deal been born' applies because the deal was made about the birth of a baby, this shows how the narrator foresees the birth
                                                                                  2. "And do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or could it have been what us as the English, have come to know as class?
                                                                                    1. This is the idea that would the story turn out the same if the twins were not to be split up. It also asks the audience if class determines aspects like future asperations and intelligance.
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