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Blood Brothers Quotes
  1. "There's a pact been sealed, there's a deal been born."
    1. "You've got to have an endin', if a start's been made. No one gets off without the price bein' paid."
      1. "and do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or could it have been what we, the English, have come to know as class?"
        1. "Oh...he's gorgeous, isn't he?"
          1. "I need you. I love you. But, Mickey, not when you've got them inside you."
            1. "I've got Mickey a job."
              1. "You never put new shoes on the table."
                1. "But y'know the devil's got your number."
                  1. "They say that if either twin learns that he was once a pair, they will both immediately die."
                    1. "Wherever you go you'll be just behind me."
                      1. "You can't stop the milk. I need the milk. I'm pregnant."
                        1. "They say i should put them into care, but... I love the bones of every single one of them."
                          1. "There's a girl inside the woman, she's waiting to break free, she's washed a million dishes, she's always making tea."
                            1. "This means we're blood brothers and that we'll always have to stand by each other."
                              1. "You're great you are Mam."
                                1. "Leave me alone will y'? I can't cope."
                                  1. "I could have been him!"
                                    1. "And do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or... class?"
                                      1. "It's just a secret, everybody has secrets, don't you have secrets?"
                                        1. "I suppose I've always loved you in a way."
                                          1. "Take no notice Mickey. I love you."
                                            1. "She's fabulous your ma, isn't she?"
                                              1. "It used to be just sweets an' ciggies he gave me... now it's a job and a house."
                                                1. "Take as many as you want."
                                                  1. "If I was like him."
                                                    1. "He's old before his time."
                                                      1. "I thought I was gonna shoot y'. But I can't even do that."
                                                        1. "That's why I take them. So I can be invisible."
                                                          1. "I stopped takin' the pills."
                                                            1. "He told me I was sexier than Marilyn Monroe."
                                                              1. "By the time I was twenty-five, I looked like forty-two."
                                                                1. "Mother so cruel."
                                                                  1. "I've spent all my bleedin' life knowin' I shouldn't. But I do."
                                                                    1. "Living on the never never, constant as the changing weather, never sure who's at the door or the price I'll have to pay."
                                                                      1. "I don't usually have kids enquiring about my health."
                                                                        1. "I'd spend it. I'd buy more junk and trash; that's all. I don't want your money. I've made a life out here."
                                                                          1. "You'll be locked up. You sold your baby."
                                                                            1. "Because if we stay here I feel that something terrible will happen, something bad."
                                                                              1. "Mrs Lyons has opened the knife drawer and has a lethal-looking kitchen knife in her hand."
                                                                                1. "High upon the hill there's a woman gone mad."
                                                                                  1. "She turns Mickey round and points out Edward and Linda to him."
                                                                                    1. "'Ey Mam, how come I'm on free dinners? All the other kids laugh at me."
                                                                                      1. "He was about to commit a serious crime."
                                                                                        1. "It was more of a prank, really."
                                                                                          1. "It's just another sign of the times."
                                                                                            1. "Edward: Why...why is a job so important? ... live like a bohemian, tilt my hat at the world... Mickey: You make me sick."
                                                                                              1. "After a routine test,/ a prescription note the doctor wrote,/ for the chronically depressed."
                                                                                                1. "I took him. But I never made him mine."
                                                                                                  1. "How come you got' I got nothin'."
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