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  1. holy text
    1. Qur'an - means recitation
      1. mahommed is the messanger of God
        1. nothing can go over the holy text - has to be respected and stay clean
          1. have to learn the Qur'an at age of 10
          2. origins of Islam
            1. Islam means submission - a straight path to God
              1. Islam is from the middle ease in Mecca
                1. Indonesia has the highest population of Muslims
                  1. Islam began in the 7th centaury - existed for 1400 hundred years
                    1. population of muslims in Sunnih is 90%
                      1. population in Sheir is 10%
                      2. where Muslims prey and meet
                        1. call to prayer is made by the Khutba
                          1. call to prayer 5 times a day
                            1. prey in a mosque - separate from men and woman to focus on prayer
                              1. have to prey on a mat - dedicated to specific times
                                1. mosques have no photos - only allah can create things
                                2. How to be a good muslim
                                  1. 5 pillars
                                    1. 1. confession of faith: SHAHADAH
                                      1. recites: there is no God but allah
                                      2. 2. prayer: salut
                                        1. 5 times a day facing the kabah in Meccah
                                        2. 3. giving: ZAKAT
                                          1. donate 2.5% of savings per year
                                          2. Pilgrimage: Hajj
                                            1. put on ihram, 7 times around the ka'bah, walk between hills, stone pillars, confession at Arofat and sacrifice an animal
                                            2. 4. fasting: saum
                                              1. have to not eat or drink in 9th month, ramedan
                                          3. in a mosque
                                            1. prey facing mecca
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