Erta Ale

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Erta Ale
  1. Ethophia
    1. Africa
    2. Active volcano
      1. 613 meters high
        1. Erta Ale means smoking mountain
          1. was a major eruption in 2005
            1. 250 people died
            2. Longest existing lava lake in the world
              1. one of the most inhospitable places in the world
                1. Volcanoes with lava lakes are very rare: there are only six in the world
                  1. It is the most active volcano in Ethopia
                    1. last eruption was 2009
                      1. africa
                        1. ethopia
                        2. most active volcano in Ethiopia
                          1. 613 meters high
                            1. Erta Ale means smoking mountain
                              1. There was a major eruption on September 2005
                                1. killed 250
                                2. one of the most places in the world
                                  1. is a shield volcano
                                    1. last eruption was in 2009
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