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A mind map on some geography topics.

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  1. Eco Tourism
    1. Ecotourism= eco friendly holidays
    2. Climate
      1. Climate= average weather in a place over a period of time
      2. Population Density
        1. Population Density= the average number of people per square km.
        2. Economic Activities
          1. What you do for a living
            1. Primary Activities
              1. Gathering raw materials from the earth and sea
              2. Secondary Activities
                1. Manufacturing raw materials
                2. Tertiary Activities
                  1. Providing a service
                  2. Quaternary Activities
                    1. Employment that involves using high technology and innovation
                3. The Watercycle
                  1. The processes water goes through to make it from the sky to the ocean
                    1. Precipitation
                      1. Rain, hail, sleet or snow falls from the clouds
                      2. Condensation
                        1. Water vapour cools and turns into clouds
                        2. Evaporation
                          1. The sun heats up water from the sea and it turns into water vapour and goes into the air
                          2. Groundwater Flow
                            1. When water flows through the rocks and soil down underground
                            2. Surface Run Off
                              1. When water runs off the grounds surface
                              2. Transpiration
                                1. When the sun heats up water from the trees leaves
                            3. Floods
                              1. When water from the sea gets to high and bursts the river banks
                              2. Defence Against Floods
                                1. How you can prevent floods
                                  1. Hard Engineering
                                    1. Dams, Flood Walls, Storage Areas, Enbankments
                                    2. Soft Engineering
                                      1. Straightening and Deepening the River, Affrorestation, Washlands
                                  2. Tectonic Plates
                                    1. The plates under the Earths Crust but not as deep as the mantle
                                      1. Continental Plates
                                        1. Earths plates under continents and countries
                                        2. Oceanic Plates
                                          1. Plates under the sea
                                      2. How are Volcanoes formed?
                                        1. Volcanoes are usually formed when two continental plates meet and collide forcing the earths crust to buckle and pushing it upwards.
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