King John

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The reign of the 'Bad' King John

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King John
  1. Disloyal Barons
    1. Struggled to gain their obedience
      1. Barons in England and Normandy supported him at the beginning
        1. But, barons in Anjou, Maine and Touraine preferred his 12y/o nephew Arthur of Brittany
          1. In 1202 Arthur was captured and murdered by John
        2. In 1203 John's valuable French lands were captured by Philip II, John was blamed for this
        3. King Philip II
          1. Constant threat to John's French lands.
            1. In 1214 John went to recapture his French lands but his ally - Otto IV - lost the Battle of Bouvines. He returned to England but the Barons blamed him for the defeat.
            2. Quarrels with the Church
              1. 1205
                1. Pope Innocent !!! tried to force John to let Stephen Langton be the new Archbishop of Canterbury.
                  1. He refused and claimed that it was his right to choose
                    1. This angered the Pope even more.
                2. 1208
                  1. After 3 years of quarrelling the Pope placed the whole of England and Wales under an INTERDICT. (Church on strike).
                    1. John was blamed for this too
                  2. 1209
                    1. The Pope punished John by excommunicating him from the Church
                    2. 1213
                      1. John gave in and Stephen Langton became Archbishop of Canterbury
                        1. Barons saw this as a weakness
                    3. Inflation
                      1. John happened to reign at the time of the rising inflation
                        1. Struggled to keep the economy of England under control
                          1. His expensive wars against Philip II did not help
                          2. Forced English to pay heavy, unfair taxes.
                            1. He was ruthless and cruel to people who did (or could not) pay.
                              1. Many of his tax collectors and sheriffs were dishonest and stole many of the taxes
                                1. The Barons also resented to pay the high taxes
                            2. Magna Carta
                              1. June, 1215
                                1. John was forced to agree to a list of demands known as MAGNA CARTA.
                                  1. These were meant to weaken his powers so that the Barons could control him
                                  2. John eventually broke the demands
                                    1. This ended in a short, but bitter, civil war
                                2. John died on the 19th Oct 1216
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