Large-Scale Organisations.

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Large-Scale Organisations.
1 Organisation; Two or more people working together to achieve an objective.
2 Charaistics; Employs 200 or more people, earns reveune in the millions, or has assests of more than $200 million.
3 Multinational Corporation; Owned and based in one country and operates in many countries throughtout the world.
4 Board of directors.
4.1 Managing directors.
4.1.1 Human resources.
4.1.2 Marketing.
4.1.3 Research and development.
4.1.4 Finance.
4.1.5 Operations.
5 Corporation; Shareholders and aims to make a profit.
6 Shareholders; Any person who owns shares in a company.
7 Government Business Enterprise; Government owned and operated.
8 Not-for-profit; Provide goods, services or funds to prevent particular social problems or to benefits the community.
9 Objective; Desired goal, outcome or specific results that organiations intends to achieve.
10 Vision; Organisations aspires to become.
11 Mission; Expresses why they exists, purpose, how it operates.
12 Strategies; Actions taken to achieve specific objective.
13 Gross Domestic Product; Monetary value of goods and services produced in one country in one year.
14 Internal Environment; Management policies and processes. Control over.
15 External Environment; Conditions organisation, little control.
16 Operating Environment; Skateholders, customers, suppliers, competitoes, lobby groups.
17 Lobby Groups; Trade unions/Consumer groups/Specific issue groups.
18 Macro Environment; Economy and society.
19 Positive Contributions;
19.1 Employment.
19.2 Infrastructure.
19.3 Income.
20 Negative Contributions;
20.1 Downsizing; Reduction in jobs and position.
20.2 Outsourcing; Contracting organisational operations to outside suppliers.
21 Performance Indicators; Profitablitiy, scales, productivity, satisfaction, turnover,
21.1 Benchmarking; Measuring performance against another leading organisation.
22 Social Responsibility; Obligations legal responsibilites to the wellbeing of employees, customers, shareholders, commuinity and environment.
23 Ethical Management; Abiding by moral standards, doing the 'right' thing in the interest of the stakeholders.

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