Sun Smart

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Sun Smart

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Sun Smart
  1. Develop Personal Skills
    1. Through their advertising campaign of 'Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide' advertising campaign individuals can have an insight into what they can do to take preventative actions.
    2. Create Supportive Environments
      1. By improving environmental protective factors such as shaded areas or even planting trees which will help individuals to have the best protective factors against the sun and UV rays.
      2. Strengthens Community Action
        1. By assisting various groups to reduce UV exposure. They tend to target early childhood groups, school, workplaces, and local communities. Which will benefit kids as they are learning early about the protective factors early.
        2. Building Healthy Public Policy
          1. Though Sun Smart do not have any laws or regulations which tells individuals to seek protection from the sun, But the government has made it compulsory that kids learn about the UV rays and the negative impacts in schools.
          2. Re-Orient Health Services
            1. At the dcotors when asked about the Sun Smart health program, Doctors are able to provide information to the individuals and then the individuals are more likeley to listen as the information is coming form an health care professional
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