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hydroelectric power and dams

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  1. They can only be built in a few suitable locations.
    1. Electricity output can be increased and decreased very easily and quickly. The storage of water in dams means hydroelectric power is reliable
      1. They are about 90% efficient and can generate an average of 11W per square metre.
        1. The dams interrupt flow or rivers and can harm local ecosystems. The flooding needed to create dams may affect farms or inhabited land.
          1. The dams can be used for water storage, flood control and water sports.
            1. They usually last for about 50-100 years. Electricity costs 7p per kWh.
              1. Hydroelectric power is the most widely used form of renewable energy in the world.
                1. Dams are built to trap water. Water flowing through tunnels in a dam turn turbines, generating electricity.
                  1. We could generate 1.5kWh per person per day through hydroelectric power in the UK.
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