Tidal Power

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This is a mind map all about tidal power.

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Tidal Power
  1. We are only able to extract energy when the tide flows in one direction. Electricity can be produced fo about 10 hours per day. This can be increased by storing water in tidal lagoons.
    1. Stream farms can have a small impact on marine life. Barrages can affect the environment for many miles.
      1. In Britain we could generate 11kWh per person per day from tidal power.
        1. Water movement caused by tides can be used to turn turbines to generate electricity.
          1. We can have stream farms where turbines are set out like an underwater wind farm or tidal barrages that act like dams, allowing water to flow through tunnels and turn turbines.
            1. Electricity generated by stream farms cost 29p per kWh whilst barrages cost 59p per kWh. They usually last for about 100 years.
              1. Tidal power stations are about 85% efficient. Coal power stations are about 30% efficient.
                1. Stream farms can produce about 6W per square metre whilst barrages can produce 10-30W per square metre.
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