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Training Needs Analysis
    1. TNA is a process by which an organisation's HRD needs are identified and articulated.
    2. PURPOSE
      1. Identify Org's goals & effectiveness in reaching the goals
        1. Identify gaps between current skills and the skills needed to perform the job successfully in the future
          1. Identify the condition under which HRD activity will occur
            1. Identify gaps between em's skills and the skills required for effective current job performance
            2. IMPORTANCE
              1. Determine if training is the appropriate solution
                1. Ensures training is targeting the correct competencies, the correct employees and is addressing the business need.
              2. LEVEL OF NEEDS ANALYSIS
                1. 2. TASK: A systematic collection of data about a specific job used to determine what em should be taught to achieve optimal performance
                  1. Process
                    1. Step 1: Develop an overall JD
                      1. Step 2: Identify the task
                        1. Step 3: Describe KSAO's needed to perform the job
                          1. Step 4: Identify areas that can benefit from trng
                            1. Step 5: Prioritize areas that can benefit from trng
                    2. Methods
                      1. JD
                        1. Outlines the job in terms of duties & responsibility; helps define gaps in performance
                        2. JS
                          1. List specified tasks required for each job, more specific than JD
                          2. Performance Standards
                            1. Objectives of the task of the job and standards by which they are judged.
                            2. Perform the Job
                              1. Most effective way of determining specific tasks
                          3. 3. PERSON: Directed at determining the training needs of individual em. Focus is on how well each em is performing key job tasks.
                            1. Components
                              1. Summary Person Analysis
                                1. Involves determining the overall success of individual em performance.
                                2. Diagnostic Person Analysis
                                  1. Determining the reason for an em's performance
                                3. Methods
                                  1. Interviews
                                    1. Questionnaires
                                      1. Performance Appraisals
                                        1. Attitude Surveys
                                          1. Useful in determining morale, motivation, or satisfaction of each em.
                                          2. Observation work sampling
                                        2. 1. ORGANIZATION: A process used to better understand the characteristics of an Org to determine where training and HRD efforts are needed and the conditions under which they should be conducted
                                          1. Components
                                            1. Org Goals
                                              1. Areas where goals are not being met should be examined further and targeted for HRD
                                              2. Org Resources
                                                1. E.g. Trainings can be held in Classroom/Conference room facilities within Org.
                                                2. Org Culture & Climate
                                                  1. If climate is conducive to HRD, designing and implementing a program will be easier.
                                                  2. Env Constraints
                                                    1. Legal, Social, Political, and Economic issues faced by Org.
                                                  3. Methods
                                                    1. Org Goals & Objectivies
                                                      1. Provide normative standards of both direction & expected impact
                                                      2. HR manpower inventory
                                                        1. Provides an impt demographic database regarding possible scope of training needs
                                                        2. Skills Inventory
                                                          1. Provides an estimate of the magnitude of the specific needs for HRD
                                                          2. Org Climate Indexes
                                                            1. E.g. Grievances, Turnover, Attitude Survey etc.
                                                              1. These "quality of working life" indicators at Org level may help focus on problems that have HRD
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