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here is some info on weathering on rocks

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weathering 1
  1. weathering and soil
    1. weathering
      1. weathering is the break down of rocks by the action of the weather, plants and animals.
        1. chemical weathering takes place when weak acid rain water dissolves rocks:
          1. limestone is made from a mineral called calcium carbonate.
            1. this reacts with carbonic acid in rain water to form soluble minerals
              1. these are washed away and the limestone is weathered
          2. Freeze that weathering happens in cold, usually mountainous locations:
            1. water gets into cracks in rocks
              1. the water freezes an expands
                1. this puts pressure on the rock causing it to split and break up.
            2. onion skin weathering occurs in places where there is a significant difference between day and night temperatures, such as in deserts
              1. during the day the sun heats the rocks causing them to expand
                1. during the night the rocks call down and contract.
                  1. the surface the rocks heat up and cools down faster than the core of the rocks which creates stress and tension in the rock
                    1. eventually the surface layers of the rock crack and begin to peel away like the outer layers of an onion
              2. biological weathering occurs when rocks are broken down by plants and animals.
                1. plants roots are able to force their way through weaknesses in rocks
                  1. as the plants grow the roots widen and the rocks are cracked and split apart
                    1. burrowing animals may also break up rocks as they dig through the ground
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