Religion CAGELs

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A mind map explaining religion in reference to the social characteristics, CAGELs.

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Religion CAGELs
  1. Class
    1. Marxism
      1. Religion reflects the ideas and interests of the ruling class.
        1. W/C lulled into a state of false consciousness.
          1. Religion is a form of social control, keeping the rich, rich and the poor, poor - opium of the people (Marx)
            1. Dulls the pain of oppression in 4 ways: 1. Promises a life of eternal bliss in heaven. 2. You can be rewarded for suffering. 3. Offers the hope of divine intervention will solve problems. 4. Used to justify the social class system and your place in it.
              1. Halevy argued that the Methodist religion played a key role in preventing w/c revolution in 19th century Britain. W/C deserted CofE, which was seen as the party of the landed masses. Methodism distracted them, focusing instead on enlightenment in spirituality.
              2. Church and Denominations
                1. NAMs
                  1. Sects
                    1. Ethnic Minorities
                    2. Age
                      1. Gender
                        1. Ethnicity
                          1. Locality
                            1. Sexuality
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