Wildlife & Roads

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Mind map of wildlife and roads

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Wildlife & Roads
  1. Barrier to Movement
    1. Fragment Habitat
      1. Cause significant mortality (healthy and weak)
        1. Mitigation Efforts
          1. Fencing
            1. Wildlife Vehicle Collisions (WVC) declined after mitigation fencing was implemented despite annual increase in traffic volumes in Banff Nat'l Park
              1. Ungulate mortality dropped 80%
                1. Safe crossing opportunities MUST be provided
                2. CONS
                  1. Animals can become trapped
                    1. Unintended Barrier Effects
                      1. Disrupts daily, seasonal, dispersal movements
                    2. PROS
                    3. Wildlife Warning Signs
                      1. Increase alertness of drivers
                        1. Reduce Vehicle Speed
                          1. Enhanced signs with lights significantly lowers vehicle speed
                            1. Reduced speed does not necessarily mean a decrease in WVC
                          2. GOALS
                            1. PROS
                              1. Does not restrict animal movement
                                1. Decreased speed can lessen severity of collisions
                                2. CONS
                                  1. Standard Signs are ineffective
                                    1. Distraction to drivers
                                      1. Contributes to Roadway clutter
                                  2. GOLDEN, COLORADO
                                    1. Wildlife Crossings
                                      1. Are they effective?
                                        1. What is the method used to warn motorists?
                                          1. What is the ecology of the surrounding landscape?
                                            1. What animals are most vulnerable?
                                            2. Jefferson County - second highest WVC incidents in 2013 with 248.
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