John Montague - The cage

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John Montague - The cage
  1. The Cage
    1. Startling beginning
      1. The curse of immigration
        1. "Traditional irish man" Drinking to escape misery
          1. Sense of imprissonment
            1. "His face retained pallor" unhealthy appearance
              1. "lost years in Brooklyn" regret
                1. 4th stanza. Father returns to Ireland, optimism that things were the same again. " When he came back we walked again
                  1. Relationship was never mended. "did not smile in the shared complicity
                    1. Often sees his father when he returns to the subway " behind the bars of the small booth"
                      1. metaphor for relationship as it"s spent most of the time underground
                        1. "Odysseus returns Telemachus must leave" comparing mythical tale to himself and his father. left for college
                          1. Enclosed space " The cage" fear of claustrophobia through our minds. Likens place of work to a cage only released every evening
                            1. Theme of hardship & suffering
                              1. Memorable & moving poem
                              2. Strong man to face his neighborhood with a smile everyday
                                1. Cinematic quality. Snapshots in New York
                                  1. Sudden shifts in point of view are trademark of the poets work
                                    1. I feel sympathy for his Fathers incredibly difficult life, filled with sorrow and despair
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