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a resource on the summary of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

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Question Answer
1 The Montagues and Capulets have a fight started by Sampson and Gregory, the prince intervenes and says the next to start a fight will be sentenced to death.
2 Capulet invites Paris to a dance to woo his daughter as a prospective suitor, Romeo wants to crash the Capulet dance to meet his love Rosaline but meets someone else.
3 Romeo falls for Juliet and they arrange a secret wedding because they are from rival families, romeo meets with a Friar to arrange the marriage and Juliets nurse acts as a go between. The nurse meets Romeo and his friend Mercutio to help the arrangement.
4 Tybalt and Mercutio fight, before romeo intervenes and kills Tybalt. Juliet hears from the nurse about this. Romeo has been staying at the Friars house, as the friar hatches a plan to get romeo pardoned by the prince.
5 Juliet is sad that romeo had killed her cousin, so her father suggests marrying Paris to make her happier. the nurse agrees even though Juliet is happily married to Romeo.
6 Juliet heads to the Friars house, where she kisses Paris before threatening to kill herself. the friar comes up with the plan to give Juliet a herbal concoction to make her fall sleep for 42 hours and seem dead, before she is taken to the Capulet tomb where Romeo would find her , and when she woke theyd live happily.
7 The plan doesn't quite work. knews of juliets death reaches him before he knows about the plan, he buys some poison so he can die along side Juliet, though he kills Paris first and stays with juliets body.
8 Romeo drinks the poison and dies just in time for Juliet to wake up and find him gead. the friar tries to convince Juliet to run away but instead she kills herself with a dagger. the friar confesses the plan to everyone and the families end the feud as they are moved by the story of the two lovers.