Gifted Safeguards

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Gifted Safe guards

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Gifted Safeguards
  1. 1. Prior Notice
    1. Resonable time
      1. Native Language
        1. Ensure Parent Understand
          1. Description of Evaluation/Meeting
          2. 2. Safeguards Provided to Parents
            1. Provides full explanation
              1. Every evaluation and EP meeting
              2. 3. Informed Parent Consent
                1. Consent must be documented
                  1. Consent can be revoked
                    1. not required for reviewing existing data
                    2. 4. Parents rights to attend meetings and exam records
                      1. Can have a representative review records
                        1. Will be invited to all meetings
                        2. 5. Evaluations at Private Expense
                          1. Results will be considered
                          2. 6. State Complaint Procedures
                            1. Investigation Within 90 days
                              1. Independent investigation
                              2. 7. Due Process Hearings
                                1. Concerns with identification, placement and evaluations
                                  1. initiated by parent/ school district
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