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75711631 1280px (image/jpeg) Muscovy duck
75335291 1280px (image/jpeg) Common Loon
75712941 1280px (image/jpeg) Pied-Billed Grebe
75242601 1280px (image/jpeg) American Oystercatcher
75707991 1280px (image/jpeg) Little Blue Heron
75226681 1280px (image/jpeg) tricolored heron
75714821 1280px (image/jpeg) reddish egret
75364241 1280px (image/jpeg) snowy egret
75236341 1280px (image/jpeg) cattle egret
75261421 1280px (image/jpeg) black-crowned night-heron
75219251 1280px (image/jpeg) Yellow-crowned night-heron
75362951 1280px (image/jpeg) Green Heron
75214701 1280px (image/jpeg) White Ibis
75220531 1280px (image/jpeg) Wood Stork
75361861 1280px (image/jpeg) Golden Eagle
75711311 1280px (image/jpeg) Mississippi Kite
75227141 1280px (image/jpeg) Swallow-tailed kite
75227931 1280px (image/jpeg) Cooper's Hawk
75364641 1280px (image/jpeg) Sharp-shinned hawk
75219941 1280px (image/jpeg) American Coot
75335151 1280px (image/jpeg) Common Gallinule
75707491 1280px (image/jpeg) Laughing Gull
75368361 1280px (image/jpeg) Ring-Billed Gull
75334971 1280px (image/jpeg) Ground Dove
75267271 1280px (image/jpeg) Barn Owl
76803141 1280px (image/jpeg) Eastern Screech Owl
75367911 1280px (image/jpeg) Ruby throated hummingbird
75219391 1280px (image/jpeg) Yellow-Billed Cuckoo
75222981 1280px (image/jpeg) Whip-Poor-Will
75334421 1280px (image/jpeg) Chuck-Wills-Widow
75335401 1280px (image/jpeg) Common Nighthawk
75218901 1280px (image/jpeg) Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
75340951 1280px (image/jpeg) Downy Woodpecker
87955921 1280px (image/jpeg) Hairy Woodpecker
75714721 1280px (image/jpeg) Red-cockaded woodpecker
73122151 720px (image/jpeg) Ivory-billed Woodpecker
75351541 1280px (image/jpeg) Eastern-Wood Pewee
75236671 1280px (image/jpeg) Acadian Flycatcher
75222321 1280px (image/jpeg) Great Crested Flycatcher
75342041 1280px (image/jpeg) Eastern Kingbird
75220381 1280px (image/jpeg) Wood Thrush
75710811 1280px (image/jpeg) Loggerhead shrike
75265841 1280px (image/jpeg) Blue Jay
75216641 1280px (image/jpeg) Fish Crow
75334281 1280px (image/jpeg) Chimney Swift
75259341 1280px (image/jpeg) Barn Swallow
75334851 1280px (image/jpeg) Cliff Swallow
75714211 1280px (image/jpeg) Purple Martin
75265991 1280px (image/jpeg) Brown-headed Nuthatch
75224391 1280px (image/jpeg) White-breasted Nuthatch
75714611 1280px (image/jpeg) Red-breasted nuthatch
75374311 1280px (image/jpeg) gray catbird
75295071 1280px (image/jpeg) brown thrasher
75351781 1280px (image/jpeg) european starling
75369081 1280px (image/jpeg) red-eyed vireo
75237511 1280px (image/jpeg) white-eyed vireo
75216301 1280px (image/jpeg) yellow-throated vireo
75222961 1280px (image/jpeg) northern parula
75216151 1280px (image/jpeg) yellow-throated warbler
75295721 1280px (image/jpeg) black-throated blue warbler
75237001 1280px (image/jpeg) american redstart
75704241 1280px (image/jpeg) hooded warbler
75713971 1280px (image/jpeg) prothonotary warbler
75259711 1280px (image/jpeg) black-and-white warbler
75339841 1280px (image/jpeg) Common Yellowthroat
75228251 1280px (image/jpeg) Summer Tanager
75365641 1280px (image/jpeg) Scarlet Tanager
75352231 1280px (image/jpeg) field sparrow
75363881 1280px (image/jpeg) Song Sparrow
75704791 1280px (image/jpeg) Indigo Bunting
75712701 1280px (image/jpeg) Painted Bunting
75265351 1280px (image/jpeg) Blue Grosbeak
75368171 1280px (image/jpeg) rose-breasted grosbeak
75712391 1280px (image/jpeg) Orchard Oriole
75258971 1280px (image/jpeg) Baltimore Oriole
75714071 1280px (image/jpeg) Purple Finch
75242471 1280px (image/jpeg) American Goldfinch
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