Communication Barriers within the Work Place

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Communication Barriers within the Work Place
1 First Main Paragraph: Cultural Communication Barriers
1.1 1st Supporting Point: (details) - The inability to understand someone's speech or interpret their behavoiur due to cultural differences
1.2 3rd Supporting Point: (Solution) Enforce a policy that allows employees to learn about other cultures to avoid cultural ignorance and to create an intercultural workplace
1.3 2nd Supporting Point: (Example) In the workplace in the U.S, eye contact is seen as a sign of respect but in many Asian countries, eye contact is seen as disrespectful
2 Second Main Paragraph: Organisational Communication Barriers
2.1 1st Supporting Point: (details) The inability to understand an organisation, as each organisation has a specific culture and acceptable behavior
2.2 3rd Supporting Point: (solution) Senior management should identify the specific culture and the type of behavior that is acceptable in the organisation, and ensure that the employees understand
2.3 2nd Supporting Point: (example) In one workplace, it may be acceptable to use slang terms but in another, employees may be required to speak formally
3 Third Main Paragraph: Interpersonal Communication Barriers
3.1 3rd Supporting Point: (example) The business needs may not be fulfilled because an employee is not fully engaged in a meeting
3.2 3rd Supporting Point: (solution) feedback should be requested in order to assess if the message that has been communicated is fully understood
3.3 1st Supporting Point: (details) the inability to interact with people within the workplace
4 Introduction
4.1 Introduce by stating that communication is essential and explain why, briefly identify cultural, organisational and interpersonal communication barriers
5 Conclusion
5.1 Conclude by stating that communication is essential and explain why, recall the three communication barriers that were identified
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