The effects of bullying on an individual and employers

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A mindmap created about workplace bullying on the individual and employer.

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The effects of bullying on an individual and employers
1 The individual may get feelings of victimisation and could feel self about their abilities. They may start to doubt themselves and their work performance may be affected by this and this can bring down the whole companies performance.
2 There may be a sense of injustice as they feel like the organisation isn't doing enough about the bullying taking place. This can lead to the individual feeling like they must leave their job as they are not getting the happy work life they deserve.
3 Bullying can affect your health! Victims may be diagnosed with anxiety this condition can stick with you for life. This may cause the victim to quit work and not have the confidence to apply somewhere else resulting in money problems.
3.1 Other health problems may rise due to bullying these are:
3.1.1 Headaches
3.1.2 Nausea
3.1.3 Sleeplesness (this can lead to insomnia)
3.1.4 Depression
3.1.5 Ulcers
3.1.6 high blood pressure
4 Humiliation as it is a very personal thing to go through and to be have to deal with it publicly can be embarrassing
5 They may feel angry that nothing is getting done or not enough was done
5.1 Frustration as they may blame themselves for being bullied
6 feelings of not being able to cope will become more prominent
7 Individuals can fear job loss as they may feel like they are being a burden to the company and don't want to complain. This may lead to panic attacks if not resolved.
8 They may think that complaining will exacerbate bullying and make their work life worse.
9 Desire to retaliate (this can be an easy thing to desire as many can only handle it for so long)
10 They may have a fear of going in to work as they know they will be bullied. This can cause sleepless nights and furthermore insomnia
11 The employee may lose confidence and self esteem due to the bullies. This can be degrading and can affect them for the rest of their lives. This will affect their job performance if they stay with the company and can cause future issues such as anxiety which may result in sick days
12 Employees will feel more and more stressed if they are getting bullied and falling behind on work. This can result in loss of a job or negativity to the company's reputation if work is never completed.
13 Effects on employers:
13.1 Due to staff taking off sick this means the company will lose a lot of money as they will have to be pay more people to work overtime while paying the people off work too.
13.2 low productivity - If staff feel bullied and victimised they will not want to come into work never mind do any work. They may feel like they don't have to do any work if the company isn't doing enough for them. This can cause the employers to get behind in deadlines etc and cause a loss of money
13.3 People won't want to work for a company with such low employee rates and their will be low morale
13.4 The company may gain a bad reputation if it doesn't deal with bullying claims, workers are constantly off and their work isn't complete or up to a high standard. This can result in a lot of cut backs as people will stop using the company meaning people will be losing their jobs.
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