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1 Nouns
1.1 1st Declension
1.1.1 F. Singular- Puella, Puellam, Puellae, Puellae, Puella
1.1.2 F. Plural- Puellae, Puellas, Puellarum, Puellis, Puellis
1.2 2nd Declension
1.2.1 M. Singular- Servus, Servum, Servi, Servo, Servo
1.2.2 M. Plural- Servi, Servos, Servorum, Servis, Servis
1.2.3 N. Singular- Templum, Templum, Templi, Templo, Templo
1.2.4 N. Plural- Templa, Templa, Templorum, Templis, Templis
1.3 3rd Declension
1.3.1 M. Singular- Mercator, Mercatorem, Mercatoris, Mercatori, Mercatori
1.3.2 M. Plural- Mercatores, Mercatores, Mercatorum, Mercatoribus, Mercatoribus
1.3.3 N. Singular- Nomen, Nomen, Nominis, Nomini, Nomine
1.3.4 N. Plural- Nomina, Nomina, Nominum, Nominibus, Nominibus
1.4 4th Declension
1.4.1 F. Singular- Manus, Manum, Manus, Manui, Manu
1.4.2 F. Plural- Manus, Manus, Manuum, Manibus, Manibus
1.4.3 N. Singular- Cornu, Cornu, Cornus, Cornu, Cornu
1.4.4 N. Plural- Cornua, Cornua, Cornuum, Cornibus, Cornibus
1.5 5th Declension
1.5.1 M/F. Singular- Dies, Diem, Diei, Diei, Die
1.5.2 M/F. Plural- Dies, Dies, Dierum, Diebus, Diebus
2 Nominative Complement
2.1 Nominative- Subject, person or thing doing the action. Nominative Complement- Used with verbs: ''To be" & "To become" when describing what somthing/one is.

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