Interrogating criminal justice

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Interrogating criminal justice
  1. POWER
    1. Hutton - politicians introduce harsh penalties in belief they reduce crime and increase votes
      1. Quinney - Through law, a powerful ruling class is able to preserve social order to their own economic / social interests
        1. Crime control way of regulating perceived threats to existing relations of power
        2. Panopticon
          1. A central, unseen observer
            1. Never know when they are being observered
              1. Self - regulating behaviour, have to behave as if being observed
              2. Surveillance
                1. Widepsread use means less private space
                  1. Potential for state interference over citizens
                  2. Offers protection
                2. LOCAL / GLOBAL
                  1. Usage of different justice models shows how global issues and trends influence nation states
                    1. Punitive revival
                      1. USA - Zero tolerance
                    2. Baker & Roberts - Globalisation main contributor to international transfer of punitive policies
                      1. Economic globalism
                        1. Political globalism
                          1. One states actions effect others thus state sovereignty lost its power
                        2. Afghan illegal opium poppies
                          1. Way in which justice is perceived and delivered varies according to geopgraphy, culture & politics
                          2. HARM & VIOLENCE
                            1. Crimes against humanity
                              1. Box - Media images of dangerousness on young, poor & ethnic minority
                                1. Most vulnerable to arrest
                                2. Wacquant - racialised carceral patterning
                                  1. Penal system replaced ghetto with controlling black Americans
                                3. INJUSTICES
                                  1. Human trafficking
                                    1. Victims in UK, Law treats them as criminals rather than harms which led them to being victims
                                      1. No focus on the traffickers
                                    2. Opium poppies
                                      1. Destroying poppy farmers crops in Afghanistan
                                        1. Punishes crime of illegal poppy production
                                          1. Leaves farmer and family to starve
                                        2. Youth in Youth justice system
                                          1. Majority from bad social/ economic backgrounds
                                            1. Portrayal of youth in media harms them
                                              1. Victim of inequality and power struggle, harmed further by being negatively labelled
                                              2. Webster - African Caribbean youth compared to white
                                                1. More likely to be prosecuted
                                                  1. More likely to be stopped
                                                    1. Less likely to be cautioned
                                                      1. More likely to be charged and remanded in custody, no bail
                                                        1. More likely to be given custodial sentence
                                                      2. PUNISHMENT
                                                        1. RETRIBUTIVE
                                                          1. 'Just deserts'
                                                            1. Punishes past crimes, no consideration of future
                                                            2. UTILITARIAN
                                                              1. Rehab based
                                                                1. Punishment used to prevent future crimes
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