Measures taken against the Jews, 1933-1939

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The measures taken against the Jews during 1933-1939, in Nazi Germany

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Measures taken against the Jews, 1933-1939
  1. Political
    1. Denied basic rights in many Christian companies
      1. Marriage between Jews and Non Jews was forbidden
        1. This had stopped for a short period due to the Berlin Olympics
          1. New law excluded Jews from government jobs
            1. Nuremberg Law meant Jews were no longer protected by the law as they're not a German Citizen
            2. Economic
              1. They had tried to bankrupt the Jews
                1. Jews could not afford medicine
                  1. 10,000 Shops were stolen or destroyed
                    1. SA painted "Jude" on their shops to stop people shopping there
                    2. Social
                      1. They were forced to leave Germany
                        1. They were banned from using public transport
                          1. Hard to get medication
                            1. Forced to scrub the streets
                              1. Parks, Swimming pools and dinning was banned
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