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  1. qualities of him being a hero
    1. Kills the bad guy
      1. saves his mother
        1. descriptive words
          1. brave
            1. strong
              1. male
                1. handsome
                2. not mortal
                  1. falls in love with a woman
                    1. get married
                  2. plot
                    1. Baby he was locked inside a coffin and sent out to sea
                      1. land on island a fisherman " Dictys" takes care of him like a grandfarther
                        1. Dictys brother King Seriphors wanted to marry Perseus's mother but he rebelled the king said if she brough back medusas head he would not marry her mother
                          1. Went on a quest to free his mother got given leather sandals and golden sickle for help from the Gods Athene and Hermes
                            1. He went to see "The Graiae" ( the witches with1 eye ) he bribed the witches for information about how to kill her and told him vital information and that if they he was going to sucseed he would need the magic bag kept by the Nymps
                              1. So he flew over to the Island were the nymphs lived. They gave Perseus the magic bag and also a cap witch when worn you became invisable
                                1. He reached Medusa's temple and went inside he touched medusa blood which is poisoners but realises the way to defeat her is through his reflection off his shield. So he turns around still looking through his shield and chops her head of. He placed the head inside the Magic Bag.
                                  1. But that wasn't the end he was chased by Medusas sisters and new they would never stop hunting for Perseus and his family
                                    1. As he was returning home and saw the sight of a woman "Adromeda" who was tied up against the rocks he freed her by using Medusa head to turn the monster to stone. They eventualy got married
                                      1. He returned home and gave his gift to the King he didn't believe Perseus so he opened the bag and he became trapped inside his own stone body
                                      2. Main Charcters
                                        1. Perseus
                                          1. Medusa
                                            1. The Graiae ( 3 witches)
                                              1. King Seriphors
                                                1. Dictys
                                                  1. Danae ( his mother )
                                                    1. Gods
                                                      1. Zues
                                                        1. Athene
                                                          1. Hermes
                                                          2. 2 Gorgons
                                                          3. My Opinion on Actions where the right or wrong (P.E.E)
                                                            1. Wrong
                                                              1. didn't think about what his mother might have wanted
                                                                1. What did Medusa do to deserve to die
                                                                2. Right
                                                                  1. trying to protect his mother
                                                                    1. Slayed the most feared creature
                                                                      1. Saved a Woman in danger
                                                                        1. Defeat the horrible king and do what perhaps was right
                                                                          1. Only killed badyes not unnecessary people
                                                                        2. why he could be a role model (P.E.E)
                                                                          1. stood up for what he believed in about his mother
                                                                            1. Showed not to give up
                                                                              1. Find a solution to a problem
                                                                                1. Help strangers in need
                                                                                  1. loves his family shows respect
                                                                                  2. Best moral and effect (P.E.E)
                                                                                    1. Moral was fear can make people act differently to how usally they behave
                                                                                      1. You cant avoid your prophesy/fait
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