Aeneas and Dido

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Aeneas and Dido
  1. Main Charcters
    1. Dido
      1. Queen of Carthage
      2. Aeneas
        1. Highest Trojan left after the war
        2. Ana
          1. Dido's sister
            1. We find Dido's emotions
        3. Plot
          1. Aeneas arrives on the Island of Carhtage
            1. Dido falls in Love with Aeneas when he tells her his quest and what he has to do for the Gods
              1. Aeneas doesn't want a relationship but Dido does after they have Cave Cuddles
                1. Aneaus leaves Dido to finish his quest like said to build the new City of Rome
                  1. Dido is so upset she kills herself without telling Ana but made her help without her knowing
                  2. My Opinion on who was right and wrong
                    1. Aeneas
                      1. Wrong
                        1. Didn't tell Dido how he really felt about her
                          1. cave cuddels
                            1. The way he handled Dido when he was leaving he could have handled it in a different way and asked if she wanted to go on the quest with him
                              1. taking advantage of what she did for him
                                1. providing a home, food , water and living in the palace
                              2. right
                                1. Finnish his quest
                                  1. He told Dido he had to finish the quest
                                    1. He didn't really know how Dido's feeling for him
                                      1. To have a relationship but he didn't want a serious one
                                    2. Dido
                                      1. right
                                        1. Relasionship
                                          1. she might of thought he would change his mind about the quest
                                            1. She provided him everything
                                            2. wrong
                                              1. She didn't tell him how she really felt
                                                1. to kill herself
                                                  1. blame Anna
                                                    1. She knew Aeneas had to go on the quest so he was going to have to leave at somepoint
                                                2. Difference between following fate and following your heart
                                                  1. heart
                                                    1. When you can control and make your own decisions on what u think is right
                                                    2. fate
                                                      1. the development of events outside a persons control
                                                    3. Morality
                                                      1. The same as right or wrong
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