Wedding Planning and Organization

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General requirements of planning a wedding.

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Wedding Planning and Organization
1 General Planning
1.1 Consultations
1.1.1 Weds, families and church elders
1.2 Invitations
1.3 Venue
1.4 Choosing the wedding category
1.5 Talking with the weds, giving them guidance
1.6 Transportation
1.7 Wedding investigations
1.8 Security
1.9 Entertainment
1.10 Wedding attires
2 Catering
2.1 Labour
2.2 Food
2.3 Cake
3 Decorations
3.1 Balloons
3.2 Flowers
3.3 Table settings
4 Categories
4.1 Diamond: £3,500- £5,000
4.2 Silver: £5,000- £15,000
4.3 Gold: £15,000- £25,000
4.4 WOW: £25,000 +
5 Photography and Video's
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