Lesson Planning for Dance

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This mind map is the basis for all lesson planning in dance. Using this as your stimulus for creating dance lesson will lead to creating meaningful learning experiences for your students

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Lesson Planning for Dance
  1. Why?
    1. Performance
      1. What the body can do; Articulation and action to communicate
      2. Appreciation
        1. Making -> Innovative & collaborative
        2. Composition
          1. Thinking; having a judgment; perspective & having a voice to back it up
        3. What?
          1. Warm up
            1. Body and mind; introduce the concept; ready to dance
            2. Improv
              1. Investigate; Discovery; Explore the concept; Personalise thinking
              2. Development
                1. Main experience
                2. Feedback/Reflecttion
                  1. Reinforce the concept; refine delivery; set the focus for the next lesson
                3. How?
                  1. Elements
                    1. Space
                      1. Time
                        1. Dynamics
                          1. Action
                            1. Relationships
                              1. Structure
                            2. Where?
                              1. Stimulus
                                1. Visual
                                  1. Auditory
                                    1. Music, lyric, sound effect
                                    2. Tacile
                                      1. How something feels
                                      2. Kinaesthetic
                                        1. Ideational
                                      3. When?
                                        1. KLA links
                                          1. Music
                                            1. Drama
                                              1. Visual Arts
                                                1. Numeracy
                                                  1. Lieracy
                                                    1. P.E
                                                      1. HSIE
                                                        1. Emotive connections
                                                        2. Science
                                                          1. Exploring concepts
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