Kibera quatter settlement redevelopment, Nairobi, Kenya

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The problems and solutions to Kibera squatter settlement

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Kibera quatter settlement redevelopment, Nairobi, Kenya
  1. Problems
    1. Boys are employed to take sludge to the river
      1. Water pipes expensive
        1. People drink Nairobi dam water
          1. Typhoid and cholera
      2. No hospitals
        1. 100 orphans due to AIDS
        2. Only 20% has electricity
          1. Expensive
          2. 50% unemployment
            1. Alcohol is cheap
              1. More violent crimes
                1. 50% 16-25 year old girls are pregnant
                  1. Abortions are dangerous
            2. One latrine shared by 350 people
            3. Solutions
              1. Oxfam charity
                1. Teaches women about birth control
                  1. Reduce population
                2. Local community group
                  1. Built 3 washroom blocks
                    1. Separate for men and women
                      1. Reduce rape
                    2. Built an information centre and a library
                    3. Hot Sun enterprises
                      1. Provide market stalls
                        1. Reduce unemployment
                      2. Waste collected and turned into methane for fuel
                        1. Practical action charity
                          1. Self help
                            1. Teaches people how to produce bricks and roof tiles
                            2. UN Habitat and government
                              1. Begun rehousing thousands in blocks of flats
                                1. 770 moved in first year
                              2. Gap year students help overseas
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