SLA Theories and Processes

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SLA Theories and Processes
  1. Universal Grammar
    1. Noam Chomsky
      1. to learn grammar is hard wired to the brain
        1. prescriptive, descriptive, pedagogical
          1. human language
    2. L1 VS L2 LEARNERS
      1. Eric Lennenburg
        1. L1 are learners who are babies and are beginning to learn a language
          1. L2 are usually people who are learning another language than the first one they learned
            1. constructed language from prior concept knowledge, so there are transferable things learners can use from their first language.
              1. Be aware in classroom and know language background
      2. Language as a System of Vocal Symbols
        1. Ferdinand Saussure
          1. founding father of modern analytics
            1. language as a system - structures - units depend on position
              1. In the classroom - reading, writing, naming
        2. BICS VS. CALP
          1. Jim Cummins
            1. BICS - BASIC INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS (EX. Children talking to their neighbor during class)
              1. CALP - COGNITIVE ACADEMIC LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY (EX. Academic situations)
                1. Teacher's must not mistaken the two during classroom observations, because they are easily confused.
          2. Input Hypothesis
            1. Stephen Krashen
              1. Affective Filter Hypothesis
                1. barrier that absorbs children from learning language
                  1. The filter must go down for the children to learn the linguistic input from the teacher
                    1. The teacher must create a comfortable atmosphere for children. By providing direct instructions and examples is a great way to do this.
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