English language exam

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English language higher help (notes

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English language exam
  1. section B (writing)
    1. question 5 (16 marks)
      1. wright a letter to the planners wich discribes what ideas you have and how it will help the community
        1. 25 mins
        2. question 6 (24 marks)
          1. wright an article in reply in which you agree or disagree with the quotation
            1. 35 mins
            2. 40 marks in total
              1. 1 hour on this section
              2. section A (reading)
                1. source 1
                  1. what do you understand about the article (8 marks)
                    1. 15 mins
                    2. source 2
                      1. explain how the headline are effective and hot they link to the text (8 marks)
                        1. 15 mins
                        2. source 3
                          1. explain some thoughts and feelings (8 marks)
                            1. 15 mins
                            2. question 4 (16 marks)
                              1. use source 3 and one other source form the booklet
                                1. compere the ways that language is used in effective ways and give some examples from the text and analyse what the effects are
                                  1. 15 mins
                                  2. 40 marks in total
                                    1. 1 hour in this section
                                    2. AQA higher English
                                      1. 2 hours and 15 minutes
                                        1. spend 15 minutes reading the sources
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