K101 Accountability

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K101 accountability revision

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K101 Accountability
  1. Being accountable means...
    1. taking responsibility for everything you do or fail to do
      1. Being able to describe/justify your actions so that others can judge whether you have properly fulfilled your duties
      2. Employers ensure accountability by.....
        1. Providing statements about responsibilities eg job description, contract, staff handbook etc
          1. Procedures for making performance or outcomes visible, eg care records
            1. Penalties for poor performance
              1. Rewards for excellent performance
                1. Official mechanisms for examining performance, eg review meetings
                  1. Process for investigating when things go wrong, eg complaints procedure, disciplinary proceedings etc
                    1. Inspections and external monitoring, eg CQC
                    2. Example - Leeds General Infirmary for Paediatric Cardiology
                      1. High Mortality, Lack of support/compassion, pressure for terminations, parents made to feel guilty
                        1. Independent report found lack of leadership, accountability & communication. NHS apologised.
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