Wife of Bath Revision

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Wife of Bath Revision
  1. Key Concepts
    1. Whereas Ford punishes the women for plotting in Tis Pity (Annabella, Hippolita & Putana), Chaucer rewards the Wife for her plotting by allowing her her 'sovreynaytee' at the end of the prologue.
      1. Ford demonstrates a more misogynistic text than Chaucer; which is ironic considering Chaucer's text is older and set in a more misogynistic time period
        1. Knight's speech shows each stressed word having significance: "FOUL and OLD" "Chese NOW". The imperatives of "Chese" "Cheseth" show the lack of knight's choice
          1. Some critics believe that Chaucer put "as helpe me verray God omnipotent" as the central line of both the Wife's and the Pardoner's prologue to show their differing views. Pardoner uses it to remind the pilgrims that God is watching and the WoB uses it as a throwaway line. e.g. "Oh for Gods sake". Swearing such as "Oh Jesus Christ" was believed to be directly inflicting pain on Jesus, thus making the WoB's throwaway line blasphemous and also physically injuring Jesus
          2. Key Quotes
            1. "Experience, though no'on auctoritee"
              1. "God bad for us to wexe and mutiplye"
                1. "As helpe me verray God omnipotent"
                  1. "But she was somdel deef"
                    1. Morally / Spiritually
                      1. Links to Giovanni's moral / spiritual blindness
                        1. Suggests ignorance
                    2. "I have the power duringe al my lyf"
                      1. "Myn entente is nat but for to pleye"
                        1. "And al was fals"
                          1. Links to theme of deception
                          2. "For gentilesse cometh fro God allone"
                            1. "I know wel of wanderinge by the weye"
                            2. Critic Quotes
                              1. "All of her disguises can be removed only to reveal another disguise" - Thomas Van
                                1. "The Wife of Bath's rebellion against masculine authority is a subconscious response to the frustration of her biological instinct to conceive and bear children" - F.M. Salter
                                  1. "The Wife of Bath is a character who at certain predictable times puts on an equally predictable mask" - Gloria K. Shapiro
                                  2. Alternative productions
                                    1. Famous Animated Tale
                                      1. Famous animated tale shows a Yellow flower held by the rape victim (Tale). As the Knight is excused of his sins the flower dies, however when he is punished into marrying the old hag; it comes to life. This therefore represents the concept of justice.
                                        1. When the Knight is frantically trying to find the answer to "What do all women want?" Only men reply, they all have differing answers. Shows the difference between men and women and the lack of understanding women perceive men to have
                                          1. The old hag turns into a beautiful woman, however once they've consummated their marriage - she turns back into an old hag. This is whilst the Knight's eyes are shut and thus would increase the punishment. Feminists prefer this ending for many believe that the Knight is rewarded for his sins by the transformation into a beautiful woman
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