4 Stages of a Warm Up

Chloe Woodhead
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Chloe Woodhead
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The four key stage benefits of a warm up.

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4 Stages of a Warm Up
  1. 1). Initial Preparation (gross motor skills/pulse raiser)
    1. Increased Body Temperature
      1. Decrease viscosity and blood shunting
      2. Increased breathing rate and depth
        1. Increased muscular respiration
        2. 2). Injury Prevention (stretching)
          1. Increased localise muscle temperature
            1. Increased muscle elasticity
              1. Increased range of movement at a joint
              2. 3). Skill Practice
                1. Increased coordination
                  1. Increased reaction time
                    1. Increased timing and accuracy
                      1. Isolated skills (non competitive)
                      2. 4). Sport Specific
                        1. Increased level of concentration/focus
                          1. Practicing anticipation
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